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    Xiamen City University, established in 1952, is a full-time college for higher vocational education directed by Xiamen Municipal Government. It is voted as one of the most popular higher vocational colleges in Fujian Province by candidates for college entrance examination. The University is situated in Xiamen, which is one of Chinese special economic zones and owns many honors like “International Garden City”, “UN Habitat Award” and so on. Its campus with its location in Xiamen main urban area enjoys both mountain and sea view, graceful environment and pleasant scenery.


   The University covers an area of 516.87 mu with 530 faculty and staff, including 293 full-time teachers, 17 full high-professional-title teachers, and 102 associate high-professional-title teachers. 77.47% of the full-time teachers are masters and doctors, in which there are 192 masters and 35 doctors. The University has a group of double-professionally-titled teachers with stable scale, proper specialty structure, high teaching level and strong competence. The University has 6861 full-time vocational students, 6754 open education students, 1305 adult education students and 193 overseas students from nine countries until September 30, 2018.


    The University always runs under the principle of “Educating people, pursuing cross-industrial integration, providing service as needed, and striving for excellence”, adheres to student-centered education, develops towards the orientation of the benefit for all labors who are fighting for University, and devotes itself to training diligent workers with professional dignity. In recent years, we have passed the 2nd round of talent cultivation evaluation with our excellent performance, been selected in the cultivation project of “Fujian Provincial Demonstration Vocational College Construction Work”, “First Demonstration Colleges for Deepening Reform of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education in Fujian Province”, won the honors of “Civilized University of Fujian Province”, “Advanced Group for 9th BRICK Meeting on Preparation, Service & Security Work” and so on.


   The University adheres to the idea of “growing in urban, living for city”, satisfying the demands of Xiamen modern business system actively, focusing on the need of Maritime Silk Road core area, Fujian free trade zone and Xiamen industrial transformation and upgrade, staying close to the demands of advanced manufacturing industry, modern service industry and strategic emerging industries for technical and skilled personnel in Xiamen. It adjusts and optimizes the strategic layout to establish 38 majors at the level of higher vocational education, including 4 specialized groups supported by the funds from the Fujian Provincial  Department of Education such as intelligent manufacturing, tourism MICE,  Electronic cloud information and  Design of digital media arts, which serve the industries of Xiamen.


    The University integrates abundant resources from government, colleges and universities, industries and enterprises to generate mutual benefit in a win-win situation and cooperates to educate students. We also build deep partner relationship with over 100 enterprises and affiliations, including IFLYTEK CO.,LTD, Nanjing the Fifty-fifth Technology Development Co. Ltd, AMTR, Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited, and LED National Inspecting Center, etc. We cooperate with Organizational Department of Xiamen Party Committee, holding the first non-public pre-training class of Party construction personnel in China, organizing the first faculty union in terms of rail transportation, setting up the first vestibule training system of metro comprehensive operation among domestic vocational colleges, and establishing the first campus E-bank of China Construction Bank in Fujian Province.


   The University has set up a subordinate college, known as International Vocational Education College, and cooperates with American, Canadian, Japanese and other countries’ universities, with the purpose of the cooperative cultivation of professional talents with international vision and Chinese “craftsmanship spirit”.


   The University moves ahead toward the orientation of “working process systematization”, carrying out the development and implementation of the university-enterprise cooperation, introducing elite team from industries to enrich the faculty, giving the on-the-job training in advance, combining the occupational standard with curriculum ones, as well as occupation skill appraisal assessment with the curriculum assessment. We pay attention to the integration of improving vocational skills and cultivating professional spirit. Under the lead of “Gai Junxian spirit”, who is Chinese skill master and an outstanding schoolfellow, the University applies the loving and educating concept of “waiting, companion, support, believing, strictness”, and the aim is to foster students’ occupational qualities and spirits. The graduation rate of our University in 2017 was 97.58%, and 83.69% of the graduates stay and work in Xiamen, which become a mainstay for building local modern industry system.


    In the form of integration, Xiamen City University runs with Xiamen Radio and Television University and The Open University of China (Xiamen Branch), developing higher vocational and open education. The University undertakes the construction and operation of Xiamen Community College initiatively, meeting the citizens’ requirements for lifelong learning and enhancing cultural quality.


    At present, we are thoroughly studying and carrying out the spirit of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, so as to make greater contributions to the regional economic and social development by creating a main force of labors with dignity in the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thoughts with Chinese characteristics for the new era.



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