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    Xiamen City University was established in 1952. It is a full-time higher vocational college established by Xiamen Municipal Government. It is situated in a special economic zone of China,Xiamen, which has achieved many honors including “International Garden City” and “United Nations Habitat Scroll of Honor”. It is one of most popular higher vocational colleges in Fujian.



    The university covers a land of 344’580m2 and is equipped with 524 faculty members. It has almost 6000 full-time undergraduates for higher vocational education.


    As a local higher vocational college, it “is created by the city and live for the city”, which stems from local historical and cultural background and serves for needs of economic, social and cultural development of the city. For the past several years, it has adhered to the concept of “education priority, cross-field integration, demand based services and the pursuit of excellence” and centered on needs of core area of Maritime Silk Road, construction of Fujian Free Trade Zone and industrial transformation and upgrading of Xiamen to adjust and optimize discipline deployment, strengthen professional intention construction and explore and create a talent training mode of “Talent Training Jointly Operated by the Government, University, Industries and Enterprises” which integrates learning and working. At the moment, there are 41 disciplines in 9 categories such as electronic information, finance and economics, manufacturing, transportation, tourism, art design and media, civil work, cultural education and public service.



    Based on the research conducted by an authoritative third party data company --- MyCOS, for the last two years, initial employment rates of our graduates have reached over 96%, discipline-job matching rates have obtained 84.07%, satisfaction with our university has been up to 96% and employers’ satisfaction with our graduates has been up to 98.11%. In 2015, we ranked the first place in the second Round of Evaluation on Talent Training of Higher Vocational Colleges of Fujian and was awarded second place among A training projects of “Demonstrative Modern Vocational College Construction Projects of Fujian”.



    The university attracts resources from several parties, such as the government, colleges and universities, industries and enterprises, and carries out cooperative talent training based on principles of mutual benefits and win-win. In recent years, the university has established a School-Enterprise Cooperation Committee of Xiamen City University, has opened the first domestic non-governmental Party-building talent order form class and established an affiliated kindergarten together with the government; it also has signed cooperative school running agreements with overseas higher education institutions, such as Jinwen University of Science and Technology, Ming Chuan University, National Taiwan University of Arts and Chung Chou University of Science and Technology, to carry out substantive education cooperation; it has concluded strategic cooperation agreements with 14 industries such as Xiamen Tour Guide Association and XiaMen Accounting Association; our partners also include Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd., one of biggest maintenance centers with strongest maintenance ability in the world, National LED Testing Center and Xiamen Rail Transit Group Limited Corporation.



    The university attaches great importance to professional skill training of students and connection with position needs. It is directed by “working process systematization” to carry out development and implementation of school-enterprise curriculums, introduce industrial elite team to enhance the teaching force, integrate enterprise research and development centers into field training centers of the university, take professional standards as curriculum standards, include professional skill assessment and evaluation into curriculum evaluation and culture transferable skills of students. For example, through cooperation with Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd., the university accepts overseas students and offers EASA Part-147 basic maintenance training course or other maintenance training course for civil aviation which recognized by European Aviation Safety Agency.



    The university has special fund for student skill competitions and creates Gai Junxian Skill Competition Scholarship to support and encourage students and academic advisors to take part in high-level competitions. In 2013, 2014 and 2016, the university has won the first prize in group skill competitions among Fujian higher vocational colleges.



    The university desires to combine professional skill improvement of students with their professionalism culturing. It built the first yachting team among colleges and universities in the Mainland which cooperates with Taiwanese-invested enterprises and has participated in yachting races held in Guangxi, Shandong, Taiwan and the like in succession; such team competed with yachting maters from all over the world and won the championship in such races as Qingdao International Regatta and First China University Yachting Championship. There are 40 student clubs in the university, such as kendo, the game of go and speech. Almost two thousand students has joined various volunteer associations to offer volunteer services for city transport, Xiamen International Marathon Race and children of migrant workers. These activities enable students to have physical exercises, culture rich interests, offer help, increase teamwork spirit and enhance responsible professionalism while they are learning skills.



    At present, the university is grasping opportunities to train high-quality technicians with good humanistic and professional quality for advanced manufacturing, modern service industry and strategic emerging industries of Xiamen so as to make greater contribution to regional social and economic development.















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