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To Be a Worker with Occupational Dignity in New Era
Author: 暂无   Date:2018-10-05PRINT

 - Department of Mechanics visited for exchanges in enterprises cooperating with us in modern apprenticeship system


  Recently, in order to further strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and boost talents trainings in modern apprenticeship system, Party officials and relevant teachers from Department of Mechanics, as well as student representatives from 2016 NC Major visited Xiamen Yangsen NC Equipment Co., Ltd. and paid a visit to interns in substituted post exercitation from NC modern apprenticeship system of 2015 Department of Mechanics.

    Zhuo Yibin, general manager assistant of Xiamen Yangsen NC Equipment Co., Ltd. accompanied teachers and students of Department of Mechanics to visit Yangsen’s NC workshops. After knowing about the work and life of students in NC modern apprenticeship of 2015 Department of Mechanics, and listening to the company’s opinions and suggestions on students’ vocational skills and occupational quality training, Director Ma Jinzhong expressed that both sides shall continue to strengthen school-enterprise integration and play roles in education in order to train high-quality skilled talents who were required by enterprises.

    Later, Zhuo Yibin gave a detailed introduction to the industry development, company profile, main business and personnel needs, and fully affirmed the performance of 2015 apprenticeship students majoring NC during internship. Students of 2015 NC Major shared their experience and achievements during rotational training. Departmental leaders and teachers in related specialties warned students to strictly abide by company’s management regulations, consult instructors with an open mind, work hard to overcome difficulties, cultivate their hard-working spirit, and complete the modern apprenticeship rotation training with high-quality. Students responded that they really appreciated the chance for substituted post exercitation of “modern apprenticeship system”, and were resolved to work hard to improve their operational skills, so as to lay a solid foundation for their future career.


 Photos/text by Department of Mechanics


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