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Our School Held a Public Lecture on “Dancing Up” and “Women in the Workplace”
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    On May 16, the public lectures of “Dancing Up” and “Women’s Workplace” which were planned by Teaching and Research Office of Career Development and Employment Guidance and undertaken by Employment & Career Development Association were held in the Dance Studio and T2 respectively. Wherein, Teacher Chen Xin, the founder and curriculum designer of Career Intelligence Startup Development Center was the Keynote speaker.

    In Dancing Up course, Teacher Chen allowed students to adjust themselves in a relaxed atmosphere through interesting games so as to guide students to understand themselves, care for themselves, and experience their emotions and behaviors in games, and to help them find features and weakness. Students were taught to be self-knowing, confident and independent via games, grouping and sharing, and were encouraged to establish positive and effective relationships with others in society.

    In lecture on women’s workplace, Teacher Chen discussed the significance of women’s independent career with listeners. For instance, she applied the course concepts of “excellence” (adopting good points and avoiding shortcomings), “elegance” (internal and external cultivation), “highlight” (focusing on significant matters while relaxing control over small ones), and “generosity” (hardness and softness) to teach audience how to keep a foothold in a male-dominated workplace, how to demonstrate women’s strengths and self-confidence, how to adjust concepts that women were unsuitable for workplace, and how to balance work and life. This lecture was helpful for female students to understand the workplace, realize the gap with other women, and to play their significant roles in workplace in the future.                                

   (Text by Wang Lin, Sun Yunli and Chen Siqi, photos by Zhang Hang)

At site of “Dancing Up” course

At site of “Women’s Workplace” lecture

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