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Morning Exercise with “Multi-benefits”
Author: 暂无   Date:2018-10-05PRINT

   - Department of Preschool Education Incorporated Specialty Skills into Morning Exercise


   In this semester, the Department of Preschool Education  incorporated teaching content and requirements on professional skills training of specialized courses into the  morning exercise, which produced multiple results.

    In view of characteristics of preschool education and early education majors, the Department of Preschool Education formulated and implemented 2017 morning exercise program with professional characteristics in order to make objectives on professional talents training come true, such as the incorporation of teaching content and professional skills training of specialized dance courses into the  morning exercise, which strengthened students’ basic dance skills and body posture training, and further trained students’ intensity of dance movements, rhythm, body coordination and flexibility. By learning the body postures of Chinese dance, students would further enhance their interest in dancing and master dancing skills. The Early Education Major, via organizing students to conduct rhythmic gymnastics, focused on cultivating students’ interest in music, rhythm perception, strengthening body movements consistency, shaping perfect figure, and enhancing students’ artistic temperament.

     In order to actually implement morning exercise, two management teams had been established including students independent management team where Students’ Union and cadres in classes under departmental General party branch played dominate role, and teachers management team which was guided professionally by specialty teachers and PE teachers and supervised by counselors and supervisors. Significant progress had been made in morning exercise thanks to joint efforts; students realized that the morning exercise could not only exercise themselves, cultivate qualities such as hardships coping and persistence, but also help them master professional skills and enhance self-confidence.


                 (Department of Preschool Education, Text by  Xu Liuqing and Liu Jie; photos by Cai Niping

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