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Craftsmanship of Industry Masters in Nuance
Author: 暂无   Date:2018-10-05PRINT

 - A conversion between aged Zhuang Jiashuang in charge of vehicle repairing and students in Department of Mechanics


    What was the relationship between hair and vehicle repairing? How to measure “temperature” of auto parts? How could the tiny damage on the BMW piston affect the operation of the vehicle? On May 4, the 2017 Vehicle Repairing Class B (order class of listed companies) of Department of Mechanics held theme activity that “struggling days were as beautiful as scenery- To Be a Worker with Occupational Dignity in New Era”, while at the event, we were honored to invite aged Zhuang Jiashuang, leader in Vehicle Repairing Industry in Xiamen thanks to the help of Xiamen Evening News, who came here and shared “My Life with Car” with students.

    At the beginning, Mr. Zhuang specially brought small devices such as the tachometer, infrared thermometer and half piston profile of BMW to the scene to communicate with students, and such lively and attracting opening ceremony invigorated the site. Mr. Zhuang told about his miserable childhood, difficulties in artistic skills learning, the unforgettable years when he worked in Fujian auto repair and manufacturing for Yong’an auto manufacturer, as well as bonds between his three generations and vehicles. Mr. Zhuang taught students “not to be afraid of dirty when you engaged in vehicle repairing”, and should prepare well for hardships! Mr. Zhuang aged over 80 wrote key points in five pieces of papers and gave the lesson by standing throughout the course. The lively and interesting teaching demonstrated his passion about vehicle repairing; however, what deeply impressed students was his meticulousness and stringency, ubiquitous craftsmanship spirit as well as earnest expectations to the young generation of automakers.

      This theme class was filled with master, stories, interactions, and emotions, which deeply rooted craftsmanship spirit into students silently, educated and guided students to lay a solid foundation in order to be a worker with occupational dignity in new era through unceasing struggling, and to work with a running start.

                                            Photos/text by Department of Mechanics

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