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Negotiation on Rail Transportation Cooperation Project between Our School and The Open University of Fujian
Author: 暂无   Date:2018-10-05PRINT


    On May 18, Dai Lifang - Vice Director of Teaching Affairs Department, Huang Danhui - Vice President of Rail Transportation Institution (in preparations), and related teachers of our school went to Vocational College of The Open University of Fujian (formerly Fujian Railway Electrical and Mechanical School) for negotiations on cooperative education projects. Ma Chengbin, Deputy party secretary, and teachers from related functional departments and vocational colleges attended the conversazione.

    The Open University of Fujian was one of the first members of the Xiamen Rail Transportation Vocational Education Alliance constructed by our school as the leader. A few days ago, the Education Department of Fujian Province approved the five-year college students’ enrollment program in Operation and Management Major of Rail Transportation Department whose students were jointly recruited by both schools. At conversazione, leaders of both schools conducted in-depth discussions and coordination on school running reality and requirements, school education cohesion, and talents training program in five-year junior college, curriculum arrangement, teaching resources sharing, student status management, and employment recommendation, and reached consensus in related aspects. After the exchange meeting, teachers of our school also visited practical training places of the rail transportation specialty.

                     (Contributed by Rail Transportation Institution)

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