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Hong Qinmiao, An Outstanding Graduate of Our School, Delivered a Special Speech at 2018 Xiamen Vocational Education Employment and Entrepreneurial Talents Report Meeting
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    From May 11 to 12, Hong Qinmiao, an entrepreneurial graduate of our school, participated in the special report meeting of Vocational Education Employment and Entrepreneurial Talents organized by Xiamen Education Bureau as a member of the report group. The Report Meeting was participated by Wang Yupei, Member of the party committee and office director of our school, head of Department of Student Affairs, as well as representatives of teachers and students from Students KAB Entrepreneurship Club.

    Hong Qinmiao, majoring Artistic Designing of Digital Media Art and Design Department, graduated from our school in 2015, and established Xiamen Xingyuanchuang Agricultural Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. in April 2016. The Company referred to a machinery company that manufactured vegetable cleaning equipment and had developed a series of vegetable cleaning equipment for carrots, green onions, potatoes and ginger. The year 2017 saw that cleaning equipment obtained a utility model patent. In 2018, it passed agricultural machinery product identification by Fujian Machinery Industry Federation, and was listed in Fujian Agricultural Machinery Catalog. The year 2017 saw that the Company won the bronze award in National Micro-Entrepreneurial Action, a bronze award in Employment Foundation Group for the 3rd “Internet Plus” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Fujian Province, and was listed as outstanding winner in Entrepreneurial Projects assistance assessed by Fujian Human Resources and Social Security Department. In addition, Hong Qinmiao was also nominated in the 6th College Student “Entrepreneurial Star Award” in Fujian Province.

    It was believed that this Report Meeting was one of the activities of Vocational Education Week organized by Xiamen Municipal Education Bureau. The Municipal Education Bureau selected outstanding graduates from colleges to compose report groups, who had made outstanding achievements in various industries, made achievements in employment and entrepreneurship, and could be set as examples in vocational education.

              (Texts/photos by Zeng Xiufen in Department of Student Affairs)

Hong Qinmiao was at report meeting


Group photos of leaders, guests and members from report group

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