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Studying Assistance & Dream Building, and Inspirational Youth – the Commerce Department Held the First “Inspirational Character” Speech Contest
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    In the evening of April 27, the Commerce Department held the first “Inspirational Character” speech contest with the theme of “Studying Assistance & Dream Building, and Inspirational Youth”. Six competitors, centering on key words of “original intention, ambition, struggling, optimism, toughness, and gratitude”, gushed over their inspirational stories, growth, achievements, and prospects in the future, which set people thinking and was encouraging.

    This contest aimed at providing a channel for students living in poverty to display advantages, encouraging them to correct cognition of poverty, daily dress and behaviors, and struggling, and guiding them to establish the concept featuring “awareness –gratitude – struggling – returns, and was dedicated to improving each student from assistance in each one. Students expressed that they shall set inspirational characters as a good example to study hard, learn to be grateful, and would never give up in distress.

(Commerce Department, text/photo by Zeng Zhi)

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