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Overseas Cooperation Education Center Gave the Course of Introduction to the Essence of Chinese Culture for the New International Students in Our School
Author: 暂无   Date:2018-07-09PRINT


    Recently, our school had opened a short-term course of Introduction to the Essence of Chinese Culture for the new overseas students and students in Chinese learning class in Taikoo EASA-147. The teachers in charge of this course were Qian Xiaoyan from Xiamen University, Zhao Shuangyin from Xiamen University of Technology, and Zhao Fayao, Du Yingjie, Xu Hongmei and Qiu Wei from our school. The course was taught in English or in bilingual.

    This course involved special dough figurine besides Tai Chi, food culture, calligraphy, traditional Chinese medicine, paper cutting and tea art. During this course, students were organized to travel Kulangsu to experience cultural characteristics there. The experiential teaching methods and means consolidated humanities quality and cross-cultural communication skills of overseas students. They found pleasure in invigorating cultural experience.

(Text by Du Yingjie in Overseas Cooperation Education Center, photos by Wang Feng in Taikoo Training Center)


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