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Our School Held the 2018 Admissions Committee Working Conference
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    On morning of May 4, in order to further promote the specialties development and upgrade personnel training, our school held 2018 Admissions Committee Working Conference at the conference center, at which Tang Ning- President, Wu Songqing- Vice President, and members of Admissions Committee in our school as well as related staff were present. The Conference was presided over by Wu Songqing.

    At the Conference, Chen Xiaoming, Director of Department of Student Affairs, and Zhou Yuzhe, teacher of Career Guidance Center, gave a preliminary analysis of enrollment and employment of our school for the past few years. The detailed data in the analysis report served as a mark that fully signified the achievements made in recruiting and employment, as well as opportunities and challenges faced today. Afterwards, Wu Songqing, in combination of “13th Five-Year Plan” reform & development plan and the requirements for running a model school, expounded the concept of adjusting specialties, and required all departments to dynamically adjust specialties and optimize talents cultivation schemes by closely centering on “three-high specialty” construction plans in our school. Head of each department, considering teaching realities in our school, put forward suggestions and opinions relating to talents cultivation.

    President Tang Ning pointed out in his summary that school running rested with quality of its talents cultivation, and that faculty and staff should be prepared for danger in times of safety and strain every nerve to make our dominant specialties characteristic. He also emphasized that all secondary teaching organizations should actively response to new demands on industrial transformation and upgrading in Xiamen, uphold the school running belief of “living in the city, living for the city” and keep pace with the times, and energetically accelerate structural adjustment of specialties in order to realize development featuring connotation, characteristics and innovation, and enhance influence of characteristic specialties domestically. Meanwhile, he stressed that we must, in light of development needs of local industries, actively expand approaches for school-enterprise cooperation and enrollment outside the province, and strive for talented students, to promote beneficial cohesion between enrollment and employment.

    Relevant enrollment issues in this year were also discussed and determined at the Conference.

                           (Department of Student Affairs, Text by Li Jiayun, Photos by Zhou Yuzhe)

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