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A Speech on Vocational Education Given by President Tang Ning in Forum for Comprehensive Reform of College Entrance Examination and Fujian Education Exploration
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    From May 18 to 19, the Forum for Comprehensive Reform of College Entrance Examination and Fujian Education Exploration was held at Gutian Cadre College in Shanghang County. The Forum was jointly sponsored by Education Department of Fujian, People's Government of Longyan City, and Heren Basic Education Research Institute of Institute of Fujian Normal University. President Tang Ning was invited to attend the Forum  and gave a speech on vocational education.

    At the Forum, President Tang Ning, centering on “Synergy between New College Entrance Examination and Professional Standards Implementation in Higher Vocational Education”, analyzed the enrollment adjustments in higher vocational education under new college entrance background, introduced new professional teaching standards for higher vocational education, and offered proposals on how to realize synergy between enrollment and professional teaching standards.

    The Forum aimed at thoroughly studying and implementing socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics proposed by President Xi Jinping in this new era and the spirit of The 19th Session of National Congress of the CPC. It centered on plans on comprehensive reform of college entrance examination in our province, enhanced education quality and the level of personnel training, and promoted education in Fujian to reach a new level. As many as 500 people attended the Forum, including relevant leaders of Provincial Education Committee Education, Provincial Education Department and Fujian Provincial Education Examinations Authority, Fujian Normal University, Longyan University, as well as leaders, experts and teachers from educational administration departments across the province, examinations institutions, regular high schools, some vocational schools, higher vocational colleges, undergraduate institutions.

(Text/photos by Department of Student Affairs)


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