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Focus and Breaking News
Du Mingcong, President of Xiamen Senior - Citizen University and Delegations Visited Our School for Investigation and Exchange
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     On the morning of May 16, Du Mingcong, President of Xiamen Senior - citizen University and the delegations visited headquarters of Community College and the Qianpu Campus constructed and operated by our school. Jiang Xianli, Party Secretary accompanied them for the investigation and research, and President Tang Ning attended the conversazione.

   Du Mingcong and his delegations were introduced with establishment background, operational mechanism, and development vision of Community College, and the tasks assumed by our school and its functions in establishing headquarters of Community College.

    Afterwards, President Du Mingcong and his delegations came to Qianpu Campus and conducted research and discussions on senior-citizen service & management specialty in our school.

    At the conversazione, Tang Ning introduced our practical explorations and achievements made in recent years. He expressed that higher vocational education in city college should be integrated across borders and carry out extensive cooperation with enterprises and other schools. He also said that our school shall exert its advantages and conduct active cooperation with senior-citizen university so as to make contributions to senior-citizen education. Tang Ning suggested that the two universities should jointly build "three centers" (teacher training center, curriculum resource center, and online service center) for senior-citizen education in Xiamen, work together to establish Xiamen senior-citizen open university together with city college (senior-citizen university), and give full play to functions of Community College headquarters. In addition, special column for senior citizen education shall be set on information platform.

   Du Mingcong fully affirmed the social value of Community College, appreciated our high sense of social responsibility and advanced concepts of school management and expressed the hope that Community College could play a greater role in Xiamen senior-citizen education in the future. He said that the learning content, methods, and channels offered by the senior-citizen education in Xiamen failed to meet the booming learning needs of the elderly, so the diversified senior-citizen education involving the government, society, and individuals should be established. While in this regard, he discussed that both universities should conduct in-depth cooperation, and give full play to our advantages, in order to provide sound education services for more than 320,000 senior citizens in Xiamen. He suggested that the two schools should sign the cooperation agreement framework after thorough research so as to lay a solid foundation for further cooperation.

    After the meeting, leaders of our school accompanied Du Mingcong and his delegations to visit our campus.





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