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Focus and Breaking News
Wang Guochuan, Executive Deputy Director of Industry Guidance Committee Office under the Ministry of Education Went to Our School for Guidance Work
Author: Organization and Personnel Division   Date:2017-12-29PRINT


    On December 25, Wang Guochuan, executive deputy director of Industry Guidance Committee Office under the Ministry of Education went to our school for guidance work and made a keynote speech on the seventh forum of Yunding Vocational Education Platform, on which President Tang Ning remarked.

    The theme of Wang Guochuan's report is Reform and Development of Vocational Education-Ideas, Problems and Solutions. He analyzed the achievements and experiences of vocational education in China during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, introduced the basic ideas of vocational education in the 13th Five-Year Plan from the aspects of orientation, quality, structure, system, security, fairness and openness, analyzed the students’ problems of vocational education and vocational education, and the corresponding strategies were put forward. This lecture has a positive role in promoting the vocational education literacy and thinking ability of our school staff.

    At the forum that morning, from three aspects: the basic situation of running a school, the main idea of running a school, and preliminary exploration and practice, President Tang Ning introduced the school's work, including taking initiative to adapt to the industrial transformation and upgrading, adhering to student-centered education and adhering to school governance with the striver as root, to fully serve the community education in Xiamen with “Xiamen Community College” as platform. Mr. Wang Guochuan spoke highly of such practices as professional dynamic adjustment of “living in the city and living for the city”, Yunding talent training model and morning exercise of students. After the forum, Mr. Wang Guochuan, accompanied by President Tang Ning, visited the north campus of our school and experienced the subway simulation cockpit in the vocational skills training center of rail transit.

    Our school leaders, all middle level cadres, and technical personnel with associate professor and above title, the "Three High" (refers to high employment, high turnover and high income) professional leaders, all Yunding talent training objects, and new staff in three years, up to 200 people participated in the Yunding vocational education forum.

 (Source: Organization and Personnel Division)



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