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Ever-lasting Spirit of the Craftsman - A Series of Activities on the Theme Day of "The Spirit of Gai Junxian" in Our School
Author: Youth League Committee and all departments   Date:2017-12-26PRINT


  Since December, led by the Youth League Committee and the Ideological and Political Department, our school has organized activities on the theme of "The Spirit of Gai Junxian" to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the honorary title "Chinese Skill Award" awarded by the Department of Social Affairs to Gai Junxian, an outstanding alumnus of our school, to further carry forward the “spirit of Gai Junxian", to cultivate the socialist core values of patriotism and dedication of students, to advocate the social fashion of "glorious labor, precious skills and great creation", and to educate teachers and students to advocate skills, make progress, dare to overcome any hardship and pursue excellence at ordinary posts.

    Activity 1: Present a bouquet to sculptures of Gai Junxian

    The activity was undertaken by the Department of Mechanics, preceded by poetry recitation of Song of Gai Junxian read by Li Yiping. Then, Gao Jing, a recipient of Gai Junxian Scholarship from Class A of Environment Art Design Department 2015, shared her award-winning speech. All the tudents should learn the spirit of Gai Junxian to be down-to-earth, simple and dedicated, serious and responsible, and striving for the first class.

  Ma Ziqiang, secretary of the Party General Branch of the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, introduced the outstanding deeds of Gai Junxian-work hard to study technology and to be brave in tackling difficulties. He encouraged students to cherish their time, work hard, lay a solid foundation, and improve their skills to be a master of skill like Gai Junxian.

    The activity was crowned by the poem recitation of "You've Never Gone Far” by Lin Ge. "Finally, the student representative of the Department of Mechanics presented bouquets for the scriptures.



    Activity 2: Forum of Craftsman Spirit

  The departments actively undertake activities on the theme day of "Spirit of Gai Junxian". From December 6 to 22, elite from various industries were invited to hold up to 9 lectures on the theme of "Forum of Craftsman Spirit", with the professional spirit needed in different industries as the starting point, to educate and guide students to practice the spirit of Gai Junxian in different positions.




    Activity 3: League class for studying and carrying out spirit of Gai Junxian

  In order to cooperate with the theme day of "Spirit of Gai Junxian", the Youth League Committee set the theme of the league class in December as "Studying and Carrying forward the Spirit of Gai Junxian". The Youth League branch carried out a variety of theme activities such as watching video, telling stories, talking about ideas and ideals, etc. From such class, students learned more detailed information about the struggle process and moving deeds of Gai Junxian from an ordinary industrial worker to a "master of Chinese skills". Infected by his spirits of "dedication, diligence, struggling and contribution", students expressed their needs to incorporate his spirits into ordinary studies, work, and strived to become "great craftsmen".




    Activity 4: Skill service to community

    On the morning of December 18, the home appliance maintenance voluntary service team of the Department of Electronics and Information Engineering went to Qianpu South Community for volunteer service. The volunteers made full use of the professional knowledge they had learned in school, to disassemble and test, check the lines, change parts, analyze problems, maintain and install, repairing all the defective electrical appliances sent by the residents. Nearly 20 pieces of home appliances of all sizes were repaired over a day, which received favorable responses from residents. “Volunteer activities of home appliance maintenance services into community are so good and convenient for our community residents that our appliances could be repaired on our doorsteps. I really hope more similar activities to be carried out in the future." Ms. Gu, a resident, said. Volunteer community activities not only let residents experienced love and convenience, but also save a sum of money indeed.



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