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Focus and Breaking News
Our School Rated as the "National Defense Education Specialist School" by the Ministry of Education
Author: P.E. Teaching and Researching Department   Date:2018-02-24PRINT


      In order to fully implement the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress of the Party, put The 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of the National Education Cause into practice, improve the comprehensive national defense quality of students, continue to promote the construction of schools with special characteristics of national defense education, the Ministry of Education has identified a number of "National Defense Education Specialist Schools" on the basis of independent declaration and recommendation by educational administration at provincial level. Among the higher vocational colleges in Fujian Province, only our school and Fujian Chuanzheng Communications College and other four ones are included in the list.

     In recent years, our school attaches great importance to the national defense education and insist on integrating national defense education and talents cultivation together, which was a primary focus every year. We make full use of local human environment, outstanding historical tradition and education resources to work creatively. In the aspects of management mechanism, education method, working mode, military theory teaching and curriculum development, military skills training and conscription of students, construction of teachers and practice base, and military community, etc.we will further raise standards and have its own characteristics.

     Mr. Jiang Xianli, school party secretary, ever led students of the country's first non-public party building talent order class set up jointly with Organizational Department of Xiamen Municipal Committee for military training in the 73th group army military training practice base oftheground force andinvited excellent military instructors participated in the "9·3" parade of 70th anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War Victory to train.Mr. Wang Yupei, school party committee member and office director,took part in the seminar trainingof national defense education and students' military training work held by Air Force Command College, and exchanged the experience and featured deeds of our university national defense education.In addition, we also invited Wu Wennuan, the deputy director of the national military teaching advisory committee and professor of Xiamen University military research laboratory to give a special lecture for our students about Strategic Thinking on Maritime Security in China.The "Explaining and Publicizing Video about Civil Air Defense 2 on CCTV's military channel also reported our school's participation in the civil air defense drill.

     Our school actively carried out various national defense education activities and won the first prize among higher vocational colleges in the first university student keynote speech of "Love Our National Defense" in Fujian Province. A series of theme activities, such as commemorating the 70th anniversary of Anti-Japanese War victory, the 80th anniversary of the Long March victory, and 90th anniversary of the army founding, and so on were carried out successively.

    Our school will take this election of "National Defense Education Specialist School" as an opportunity, combine with the army strengthening idea in the new era ofGeneral Secretary Xi Jinping and national defense work points in the 19th CPC National Congress, todeepen national defense education reform, innovate national defense education form, strengthen defense concept and consciousness of teachers and students,further developing advanced model of national defense education.




(P.E. Teaching and Researching Department   Prepared by Lai Fuxing)

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