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Focus and Breaking News
2017 Fall Semester Working Conference Held in Xiamen Radio & Television University
Author: Open Education Department   Date:2018-01-11PRINT

     On the morning of January 3, 2018, 2017 fall semester working conference was held in Xiamen Radio & Television University. Vocational College - Xiamen City University, President Tang Ning of Xiamen Radio & Television University, every school leader and staff member, examination inspector responsible for this final examination, and all the personnel of Open Education Department all participated in the conference, which was hosted by Mr. Wang Fulong, assistant to the President and director of the Open Education Department.

    President Tang Ning first presented a report entitled 2017 Work Review and 2018 Work Prospects of Xiamen Radio & Television University. He provided detailed information on the relevant experience of our university in the integration of open education and higher vocational education, and emphasized the importance of synergetic development of the leading role of the government, social demand, school development, cross-boundary integration and system synergy.He gave fullaffirmation on the achievements of enrollment, teaching and administration work of Xiamen Radio & TV University in the past year, especially the major breakthrough in enrollment, an increase of 319.76% over the same period last year, which was achieved by graspingthe valuable opportunity of “Action of learning to fulfill their dreams”and common efforts made by government, school and enterprises. Xiamen Radio &TV University also actively docked the cause of lifelong education in Xiamen City, fully promote the construction of Xiamen Community College headquarters and Xiamen Credit Bank, andconduct open education to serve the society.

    Mr. Tang Ning pointed out that in the new year, Xiamen Radio & Television University will continue the development and implementation of “Action of learning to fulfill their dreams” plan co-propelled by Xiamen Federation of Trade Unions and Municipal Education Bureau, explore the cooperation with Open University of Fujian for schooling and shareresources of specialties, teachers and practical training, steadily expanding the enrollment scale.He called for strengthening the daily management of teaching sites, perfecting the assessing management methods for teaching sites, setting up the Bachelor's degree thesis advisory committee of National Open University (Xiamen), comprehensively enhancing the ability to serve students, and improving the quality of the local labor force, and training the qualified socialist constructors with professional dignity to serve the modern economic system of Xiamen.

    Subsequently, Mr. Wang Fulong conveyed the admission conference spirit of the National Open University and deployed the enrollment work for spring of 2018.He called on all teaching sites to implement the relevant documents spirit of the National Open University on enrollment in spring,with the hope that everyone could do a good job in publicizing the enrollment, actively and extensively mobilizing students, and strive to successfully complete the 2018 spring enrollment work in accordance with the concept of unified management, collaboration andlabor division.

    Finally, Cao Xiaoyun, the deputy director of the Open Education Department, gave instructions about assignment of autumn term examination work of 2017, which called for various effective measures to be taken by various teaching sites to strengthen the management of the examination and ensure the successful completion of the final examination in the autumn term of 2017.  

  Safety Responsibility Agreement on the Examination of Xiamen Radio & Television Universitywas also presented at the meeting. Every chief examiner of test center signed on the Agreement to make a commitment to prevent the occurrence of major test violations shoulder to shoulder, ensuring moderate and orderly examination process.



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