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Time & Youth--The 4th Campus Commodities Fair
Author: Absent   Date:2016-12-20PRINT

  The 4th Campus Commodities Fair was held at the triangular area in front of the school canteen on December 13 to 14. This commodities fair was held jointly by Department of Tourism, Youth League Committee and exhibition class of 2014 from Department of Tourism, with the assistance of exhibition class of 2015 and 2016 from Xiamen City University.

  This fair themed on “Time & Youth” included the exhibition areas of “Eat up Youth”, ”Live Full Youth” and “Collect Memorial Youth” which sold commodities, specialties and second-hand goods. This fair launched the following activities: gifts for the lucky buyers with collected signets; on-line (Wechat) election of the most popular exhibitor, street dancing party, “Youth--To be the King of Yourself” king’ s glorious e-sports contest, ”Love Youth” gift giving for photo uploading and commendation collection on social media.

  This fair provided a platform for students’ campus practice by letting students making plans, inviting exhibitors, attracting investments and decorating the exhibition areas for the fair. At the same time of proving a platform for the commodities trade for teachers and students, this commodities fair has enhanced the comprehensive planning and organizing ability of students majoring in Exhibition Planning and Management.

               (Department of Tourism  Article/Photo  Wu Xuan)










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