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Department of Ideological and Political Education Invite Mouth and Foot Painting Artist Liu Jingsheng to Deliver a Lecture in Our School
Author: Department of Ideological and Political Education   Date:2016-12-07PRINT


  With the special invitation of the teaching and research office for ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis of Ideological and Political Education Department, Liu Jingsheng, member of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association, president of federation of literature of Beijing Xicheng Disabled Persons’ Federation and National First-class artist, delivered a lecture entitled “The Power of Trust” to more than 200 students of 2016 on December 5.

  65-Year-old Liu Jingsheng shared his experience of being engaged in mouth and foot painting. When he was 26 years old, Liu lost his arms from the touch of high-voltage electricity, but he didn’t fall into depression from physical disability and wait for the lifetime treatment of the country. Instead, supported by his faith of “never begging for pity with what I lost but gain good fortune with what I have”, he started to practice writing and painting. Then, with the trust and help of Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, he took the artistic path of being an independent mouth and foot painting artist. Mr. Liu performed his mouth and foot painting for the present students, writing down the four Chinese characters carrying the meaning of “rise up upon hearing the crow of a rooster to practice sword playing”. In the course of Liu’s interaction with students, three students wrote with the writing brush in their mouths, the scene of which was taken by other students and shared on their social media in the form of photos and videos to express their admiration and affection.

This lecture was a special one about outlooks on life and values of life among the practical courses of ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis under the mixed teaching mode of Moodle. Integrating education of outlooks on life, professional spirits and training of professional skills, it encouraged students to follow the example of Liu Jingsheng, working hard to practice professional skills and developing positive, diligent, strong and courageous attitudes towards life. As a result, it substantially strengthened the appeal and effectiveness of ideological and political education.

                             (Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Research  Article/Photo  Yan Ruiying; Li Shiqiong )








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