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Department of Public Arts Invites Famous Teachers to Our School
Author: Department of Humanities, Social Science and Arts   Date:2016-11-24PRINT

  Since the founding of Department of Public Arts in 2015, our school, aimed at strengthening the popularization of public arts education and the improvement of art accomplishments, has offered 5 restrictive art courses in 23 majors of 8 departments. This year, through the combination of excellent resources from both inside and outside the school, we have attempted a series of reforms on courses about public art, which has been welcomed and recognized by teachers and students.

  “Introducing Intangible Cultural Heritage to Campuses” provides a new perspective for courses about public arts to explore the inheritance and development of national culture. Teacher Wang An’na, a national first-class performer of Xiamen Nanyin Company and a municipal representative inheritor of Nanyin, was specially invited to the class of music appreciation to give lessons on September 2016. In the class, students experienced a close contact with Nanyin,the living fossil of Chinese history of music,by playing the music instruments and reading the music scores. Meanwhile, Teacher Wang Anna’s playing and singing has won students’ applauses and exclamation. It was through this direct and easy way that we introduced the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage to our appreciation classes of public arts.

  2016 Xiamen Biennale of National Meticulous Painting Exhibition was hosted by Xiamen Art Gallery on November 18, and the Department of Public Arts took this opportunity to invite Mr.Xie Zhen’ou, the great master of Chinese meticulous painting who enjoyed equal popularity with He Jiaying, to our school to deliver a speech entitled “The Silk Road and Dunhuang frescoes”. Teacher Xie led teachers and students revisited the Silk Road with more than 200 precious pictures. His unremitting exploration of art touched the hearts of the present teachers and students and helped students develop new thinking patterns and opinions towards art. All these have made great contribution to the spread of Chinese traditional arts and the strengthening of students’ recognition of outstanding Chinese culture.

                                                        (Article/ Photo  Qiu Yilin from Department of Humanities, Social Science and Arts)






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