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The Singing Contest Commemorating the 81th Anniversary of the December 9th Movement Held
Author: Youth League Committee   Date:2016-12-12PRINT

  To carry forward the patriotic tradition and pass on the revolutionary genes, our school held the 80th anniversary of Chinese Red Army’s Long March Victory and the singing contest commemorating the 81th anniversary of the December 9th Movement from October to December. All students in all classes have participated in the singing contest. The final of the singing contest was held on the conference center in the evening of December 6. Audience of this contest included Jiang Xianli, secretary of the party committee; Wang Yupei, member of the party committee and direct of the office; heads of departments and divisions; and representatives of teachers and students.

  This singing contest gave an instructive lesson to the university students on patriotism, collectivism and national spirits. Under the patient guidance of their teachers, students from all departments actively participated in and carefully prepared for the singing contest. They practiced singing in their spare time, showed their love for the country and our school, and displayed their lively and positive spirits. After rounds of competition, 9 teams entered into in the final contest. In the final contest, students showed the Chinese nation’s great spirits of unceasing self-improvement and big advancement through their great enthusiasm, careful arrangement and sonorous voice. Their inspiring voice and heartening vigor expressed the contemporary youth’s deep love for and high praise of the party, the motherland and socialism.

        After fierce competition, Department of Preschool Education won the first prize; Department of Foreign Languages and Department of Arts and Humanities won the second prize; and the third prize was awarded to Department of Urban Construction, Department of Tourism and Department of Mechanical Engineering. 

                      (Youth Propaganda Center of Youth League Committee  Article/Yang Pingrong  Photo/Chen Zhen; Zhu Min)





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