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Focus and Breaking News
Rectification Work of the Second Round of Talents’ Training
Author: The Office   Date:2016-12-02PRINT

       In accordance with the evaluation procedures for the second round of talents’ training in higher vocation colleges, Fujian Educational Evaluation Research Center sent a panel led by Professor Zhang Zhicheng, assistant to the president of Zhejiang College of Construction, to our school to review our evaluation and rectification work of the second round of talents’ training from November 28 to 30.

  During their return visit, the panel, according to the comments and suggestions put forward on the Evaluation Report on Site Inspection of Xiamen City University’s Second Round of Talent’ Training, carefully reviewed our materials of rectification and listened to our rectification reports separately from 27 majors of 9 departments. They also held 6 teachers’ symposiums, interviewed major school leaders and managers from some functional departments, and reviewed our rectification work of evaluation on talents’ training.

  On the morning of November 29, Jiang Xianli, secretary of the party committee, held an explanation session, in which President Tang Ning made a report on our rectification work entitled “To Promote Construction and Achieve Connotative Development through Evaluation”. Focused on the problems suggested in the evaluation report, our school prioritized top level management design, building consensus and setting up rational goals for rectification work. Through the collaboration and orderly promotion of the school and all departments, we have shown promises on developing our specialty structures, teaching teams and service capacity through evaluation, and promoted our connotative development through evaluation.

  On the morning of November 30, Professor Zhang Zhicheng held an exchange meeting about this evaluation review. Members of the panel made comments on the development of specialties, construction of teaching teams and improvement of abilities to do scientific researches and serve the society. They also recognized our achievements of evaluation and rectification work, and offered suggestions for our future development. Professor Zhang Zhicheng made a summative speech. He said that we have set up a clear goal for the rectification of the evaluation work on the second round of talents’ training and have carried out our tasks. The party committee and administrators of our school attached great importance to the feedbacks of the review panel, and listed rectification of evaluation work as the key task in 2016. They said that we would coordinate the implementation of our rectification work with that of the thirteenth “Five-year” plan and the projects of constructing a demonstrative modern higher vocational college, letting them support each other. We have effectively promoted the reform and development of our school by rectification and have made some achievements. Our school took the construction of industrial clusters as the starting point, combining specialties and advantages of our school with the regional economic development and the industrial clusters. We have made the thirteenth Five-year plan for the construction and development of specialties centered on the construction of clusters of key majors, and further optimized the structure of teaching teams by formulating and improving ways of introducing, cultivating and managing teachers. We have also established service platform to improve our ability of serving the society. Through a year of rectification of evaluation work, we have promoted the connotative development of our school and expanded its brand effect. Zhang Zhicheng suggested that our school should echo with the thirteenth Five-year plan, further refining the plan of specialties construction, strengthening the construction of teaching teams and the management teams of all levels to enhance our capacities of education, teaching and management.

  Mr. Tang made a statement. He said that our school would sort out and assimilate the panel’s valuable comments and suggestions which could be transformed into important initiatives for the implementation of the Thirteenth Five-Year plan and the running and administration of our school, especially for the strengthening of our new concepts for school management, and the construction of specialties and teaching teams.

  Leaders of the party and the administration bodies from the school and departments attended the explanation session and the exchange meeting.

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