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The 10th Sports Meeting was Held Successfully
Author: The Office   Date:2016-11-29PRINT

 The 10th Sports Meeting of our school was held from November 24 to 25. Leaders attending the opening a  nd closing ceremonies included Jiang Xianli, Tang Ning, Yi Hua, Shen Lixin, Wen Guoqing, Zhang Lining, Wu Songqing, Wang Yupei and Wang Fulong. All heads of departments and divisions, staffs and students also attended the ceremonies. The ceremonies were presided over by Wang Yupei, member of the party committee and director of the office.

  The opening ceremony began with a parade of the national flag team, school flag team, emblem team, banner team, flower team, colorful flag team, referees, staffs and representative teams from the attending faculties accompanied by the impassioned Athletes March. Their sonorous slogans and vigorous states demonstrated the sportsmanship of unity, friendship and progress. Their slogans also showed their professional features and vibrant youth. Then, the opening ceremony was officially kicked off in the solemn national anthem.

  President Tang Ning delivered the opening speech. He said that, in the past year, our school has carried out the State Council’s Suggestions on Strengthening Schools’ Physical Education to Promote Students’ Comprehensive Development of Physical and Mental Health. With the goal of ‘doing daily exercises, achieving healthy growth and benefiting for a lifetime’, we have launched a special activity of early morning exercises to promote the development of students’ physical and mental health in the course of consolidation, deepening and improving. The Grand Sailing Team won the champion of the 8th “Taihu Cup” Sailing Race and other two contests in 2016. He said that the annual Sports Meeting has become a wonderful platform for teachers and students from Xiamen City University to show their vibrant, healthy and positive spirits. He hoped that we could actively participate in and enjoy the contests with the sportsmanship of excellence, friendship and respect, holding a civilized, competitive, progressive, harmonious and safe Sports Meeting together.

  On behalf of athletes and referees respectively, student Wang Yilu and Teacher Zhang Hongyan made a pledge.

  Jiang Xianli, secretary of the party committee announced the start of the 10th Sports Meeting of Xiamen City University.

  Teachers and students from our school performed the brilliant national traditional sports “Chinese Dream” , the fitness dance “Come on, Champions”, Taiji Kungfu Fan, work-break exercises, “Lions Venturing into the World” and other programs, winning the applause of all audience. Then, 36 representative teams from the attending faculties participated in contest of the 9th set of broadcasting exercises in groups.

  The students’ games were organized centered on 42 contests including the track and field events, and other fun events. Meanwhile, the staffs' fun games were carried on with smart pass of hula hoop, 3-minute figure 8 long-rope jumping, 1-minute individual single under rope jumping and tug-of-war competition.

  After two days of intense competition, the Sports Meeting was successfully concluded on the afternoon of November 25. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Commerce and Department of Tourism ranked the top three on total scores; Department of Preschool Education won the first prize of bro

  Then, our school leaders gave awards to the winners and took photos with them adcast gymnastics competition; Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering won the high morality prize; Department of Accounting and Finance won the award for excellent article of PE report; and Department of Urban Construction and Management won the prize for best organization..

  Wen Guoqing, deputy director of the Organizing Committee and vice president of our school, delivered the closing speech. He said that, in the past two days, the feild was filled with tense, fierce, friendly and joyous atmosphere, which displayed the spirit of unity, advancement and unceasing self-improvement of our teachers and students. He hoped that we could carry forward the spirits we displayed on the Sports Meeting in our future study, life and work, and make new contributions for a brighter future of City University.

  At last, Mr. Jiang announced that the 10th Sports Meeting was successfully closed.

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