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Our University Successfully Held 2016 Freshmen Welcome Party
Author: Youth League Committ   Date:2016-11-22PRINT

  On the evening of October 26, "Stay True to the Mission, Bloom of Youth" 80th Anniversary of Red Army Long March Success and 2016 Freshmen Welcome Party were held by the School League Committee on the football field of North Campus. School officials, including Jiang Xianli, Tang Ning, Yi Hua and Wang Fulong, and responsible persons of relevant departments and teachers and students representatives attended the evening event.

  This evening event was divided into "Red Memory" and "Gather together in the City University". The Dance performance Stand on the Startpoint of the Long March opened the chapter of "Red Memory". In this chapter, students reenacted moving scenes to express their strong patriotism through dance, song, opera, reading and musical performance. "Gather together in the City University" is an expression of the enthusiasm of freshman the class of 2016. Welcome to the City University, performed by the school's associations, showed their energy through song and dance. The musical Days in the City University showed the beautiful school life in the City University, which brought the evening event to a new high. Finally, the evening event ended with distinctive fight attendance etiquette dancing performance and a preschool childrens' dance performance.

                                      (Youth League Committee     Article/Wang Keqiang   Photo/University Youth Promotion Center)

Musical performance

Group photo of leaders and all performers

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