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2016 Municipal Higher Vocational School Skill Competition Held in University
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  On the morning of November, 5, 2016 the Xiamen Higher Vocational School Students Skill Competition was jointly held by the Xiamen Municipal Education Bureau, higher vocational schools, sector organizations and relevant corporations in our university. Some of the officials and organizations who attended the opening ceremony include Lai Han, Secretary of the Education and Labor Committee of Xiamen Commission and Director of Education Bureau, Jiang Xianli, Secretary of the Party Committee of our university, Principal Tang Ning, as well as other officials and relevant responsible persons of higher vocational schools, relevant associations in the sector, enterprises representatives and contestant teachers and students. Hong Jun, Director of Higher Education Department of Xiamen Education Bureau, presided over the opening ceremony.

  During the ceremony, Tang Ning introduced some of the educational characteristics and achievements of our university. Our university has been committed to cultivating professional skills of students and the requirement of position for years. We are oriented towards "working process systemization" and development and implementation of college-enterprise cooperative courses. The school has set up a special fund for student skill competition and the Gai Junxian Skill Competition scholarship to encourage students and teachers to compete in higher level competition so as to better cultivate their transferable skills. Tang Ning said that he was looking forward to establishing cooperation and coordinative development with vocational schools through various skill competitions.

  During his speech, Lin Yuezhen, Manager of the General Office of Xiamen Airline Lakeside Hotel, as an enterprise representative, spoke on the importance of mutual support, exchange and reinforcement and resource advantages that exist between colleges and enterprises that can be utilized to help modernize vocational education. She suggested that students be confident in becoming a "champion in the sector", using rich knowledge and strong skill sets to help build a valuable reputation for vocational education. Zheng Feng, Chief Technology Officer of Xiamen Lucky Seven Network Technology Co., LTD, and Ding Min, a2014 Financing Major, respectively made pledge to participate as the representative umpire and representative contestant.

  In the speech, Lai Han said that Vocational School Skill Competition is an important system that is distinctive to vocational education and an important platform to cultivate and select skill-based talent. He hope that vocational schools deepen reforms to their talent cultivation models through skill competition; use competition to improve the quality of talent cultivation; use skill competition to increase marks in provincial and national level competitions; broadening the influence of occupational education with opportunities from skill competition. That means we can promote the sound and fast development of higher vocational education. Later, Lai Han announced the commencement of the 2016 Xiamen Higher Vocational School Skill Competition.

  Leaders and guests respectively paid visit to divisions in different schools.

  The 2016 Xiamen Higher Vocational School Skill Competition has set up 11 contests that include skills ranging from: comprehensive banking skill, accounting skill, enterprise sand table simulative operation skill, marketing skill, 3D animation process, mobile Internet software application development, e-commercial skill, modern logistics skill, western banquet service, Chinese banquet design and Chinese tea art skill. Five schools involved in the joint hosting of the competition with relevant associations and enterprises include Xiamen City University, Xiamen Xinghai Poletechnic, Xiamen Institute of Software Technology and Xiamen Nanyang College. Our university held competitions for comprehensive banking skill, accounting skill and enterprise sand table simulative operation skill. This competition covered 107 teams of 407 students from 8 colleges competing together, representing an accurate appraisal of the educational results of Xiamen's higher vocational educational development. It played an important role in further promoting the spirit of "improving the connection of vocational education and industry" of Xiamen's "13th Five Year Plan" and advancing sound and fast development of Xiamen's higher vocational education.

                                       (Article/Department of Accounting and Finance   Zhang Yanying     Photo/Information and Technology Center   Wang Yao)

Opening ceremony


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