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Aircraft Electromechanical Machinery Maintenance Major Opening Ceremony and College-Enterprise Cooperative Talents Training Forum Held in University
Author: Department: Overseas   Date:2016-11-10PRINT

  On the morning of October 9, the opening ceremony of the first 2016 class of higher vocational education "Aircraft Electromechanical Machinery Maintenance Major" in Fujian, built by Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (TAECO), was held at the studio. Both parties will work to develop a talent pool for aircraft maintenance to build a world-class "one-stop" aircraft maintenance base in Xiamen through the talent cultivation model jointly build by the government, university and enterprise as well as multiple courses and certifications within three years.

  Leaders including Lin Jiatian, Deputy Secretary of the Education Working Committee of Xiamen Municipal Committee, Lin Zhenya, Director of Management Committee Economic Development Bureau of Xiamen Free Trade Zone, Tang Ning, Principal of Xiamen City University, Zhuang Haibin, Chairman of the Board of Security and Public Affair of TAECO, and industrial experts from companies, including Xiamen CCRE Group, Xiamen Rail Transit Group, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and Xiamen Maintenance Base of Engineering Technology Company of Shandong Airlines, attended the opening ceremony. Members who also attended the ceremony include all students in the "Aircraft Electromechanical Machinery Maintenance Major" of the Department of Mechanics and 50 overseas students and students of relevant departments from Malaysia and Thailand. The opening ceremony is conducted in Chinese and English.

  On the ceremony, Principal Tang Ning stressed that we should "center on students", build cross-sector cooperation to jointly draft talent plans and convene resources of colleges and enterprises to provide an excellent base for students to master skills. He hopes that students can learn from Gai Junxian, an outstanding schoolfellows and “China’s Skill master”, to become sophisticated talents in aircraft maintenance with focus on study and pursuit of perfection in professional capability. Zhuang Haibin, Chairman of the Board, delivered a speech that TAEKO Training Center will provide support to Xiamen City University in major theoretical courses, basic skills in maintenance and aircraft maintenance hangar internship by virtue of its rich maintenance experience in civil aviation, complete qualification in training, comprehensive training equipment and facilities as well as professional civil aviation training teaching resources. It will also be committed to the combination of the occupational training of civil aviation and the education background of the school to cultivate talents mastering sophisticated skills and holistic knowledge in aircraft maintenance. According to Director Lin Zhenya, with over 20 years' development in aircraft maintenance industry, Xiamen now has more than 10 enterprises including TAEKO, whose value reaches RMB 10 billion in 2015, accounting for a quarter in the whole country. It is predicted that the aircraft maintenance industry will have a bright future in development, of which the fastest market is in China. It is also predicted that another 215,000 staff of aircraft maintenance will be needed in Asian-Pacific region in 2023 and over a half will be needed in China. In the inspection to Xiamen Pilot Free Trade Zone performed by China Central Reform Office in April 27 this year, Xiamen's aircraft maintenance industry has been highly recognized. Now, Xiamen is actively creating a world-class "one-stop" aircraft maintenance base by using existing industrial base and advantages, expediting industry chain and improving the talent pool system of aviation industry. The Aircraft Electromechanical Machinery Maintenance Major of Xiamen City University will continue to expand the aircraft maintenance industry or even the training of aviation service in Xiamen, deepen the participation in international aviation industry and provide talents with excellent competitiveness. Lin Zhenya also revealed that, for practical talents in aviation industry, our city will introduce policies about public rental housing and housing subsidy, so students are welcomed to settle in Xiamen.

  Cao Huijun, the representative of full-time teachers, briefly introduced the talents cultivation plan of "Aircraft Electromechanical Machinery Maintenance Major". Wang Tianchi, freshman of 2016 Aircraft Machinery Maintenance Major, and overseas student Sushi Devan, on behalf of all students, determined their mind: they will return the favor of the University and TAEKO with persistent study and excellent academic results.

  Wang Qiang from Shandong Airlines and the representative of aviation industries, said, he suggested that students should think about employment issue from now on and plan their career in the study and practice within three years so that they can have a career in the aviation industry and serve the economic growth of Xiamen.

  After the opening ceremony, guests of honor, enterprise representative and leaders and teachers of University held "College-enterprise Talents Forum". On the forum, Principal Tang Ning gave a further introduction to the educational idea and distinctive features of our university. Teachers of Aircraft Electromechanical Machinery Maintenance Major delivered detailed introduction to the talents plan of the major and asked questions about the college-enterprise cooperation from enterprise representatives. Qiu Hongchang, Manager of Training in Xiamen Gaoqi Airport, put emphasis on the integrity of maintenance personnel; Wang Qiang, Manager of Shandong Airlines Maintenance Base, and Chen Weiqiang, Manager of Technology Training Department of TAEKO, said that they hope that English capability of students of this major can be improved. At last, enterprise representatives said they would work to support the college-enterprise cooperative teaching and provide relevant experts, teachers and practical training for talent training in our school.

                                                                            (Article/Overseas Education Center   Photo/Information Center Liao Huangbing)

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