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The School Holds Gulangyu Island Poetry Festival
Author: Humanities, Social S   Date:2016-11-10PRINT

  2016 Phoenix - Gulangyu Island Poetry Festival was held on October 21 through October 26. As one of the greatest poetry festivals in China, the Phoenix - Gulangyu Island Poet Festival has witnessed improvement both in international influence and profession. This Poet Festival was jointly held by IFENG.COM, Xiamen Gulangyu Island Management Committee and Xiamen Literature Art Association. Our school is the major co-organizer.

  Professor Chen Zhongyi of the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Art has participated in the planning of this event since the Spring Festival and acted as the Chief Inspector of this international poetry festival. Principal Tang Ning has acted as a member of the organizing committee.

  Over one hundred teachers and students of our school attended the opening ceremony in the evening on October 21. Gulangyu Island Elites Praise, a highlighted play to sing and act, was created by Professor Chen Zhongyi. It shows stories of 15 elites of Gulangyu Island in forms of suite poems and in ways of poem reading, integrated films and photos, scenario dance combined with composition, sounds, lights and dances. Teacher Li Wengang of out school has participated in the recitation in this program.

  In the evening on October 23, Mukherji, a famous sinologist and a professor of Language, Literature and Culture in the China and Southeast Research Center of Jawaharlal Nehru University, came to deliver speeches in our school, attracting wide attention from the society. Jiang Xianli, Secretary of the Party Committee, Wang Yan, Former Dean of Xiamen Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and teacher representatives of Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Art all attended this lecture. The lecture title is Indian Culture Overview and China-India Cultural Synergy. Professor Mukherji, like a sophisticated archaeologist, found out the tracks of the historical exchange of China and India and vividly showed the similarity and connection in values of China and India, two countries of eastern civilization, through the comparison of Chinese and Indian languages. Through the explanation of Professor Mukherji who is skilled at several languages, we are aware of the colorful history of China and India and magical power of these knowledge.

  Professor Mukherji was graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru University and obtained doctor's degrees in Chinese Language, Literature and Culture. Later he studied China folklore and folk art from Professor Zhong Jingwen, a famous folklorist and folk artist in China, in Beijing Normal University, and obtained a doctor's degree. With great knowledge in Chinese, he has a rich writing and publishing expertise in the study of China-India Literature. He won the highest cultural award by China Ministry of Education in 2002 and China Special Books Contribution Award in 2014.

                                 (Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Art     Article/Zhang Changcheng   Photo/IFENG.COM)








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